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Office Manager

Average Salary: $45,580

Education Training: High School Diploma or Equivalent/On-the-Job Training

Major Industry: Business, Management and Administration

Related Occupations: Administrative Service Manager, Executive Secretary; Executive Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Manager

2012 Employment: 23,376

2022 Projections: 26,041

Annual Growth: 11.4%

Annual Change: 821

Business, Management and Administration

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Meet Brian
Office Manager

Education: High School Diploma

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I worked for a non profit before my current position with the state. The ability to have a positive impact I had on individuals and the community was truly amazing and I wanted to continue my efforts in a different capacity.

Job Duties: I meet with staff and clients almost every day. Naturally, as with any job, there is a good deal of paper work but my involvement in the community is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.

What I Like About My Job: Working for the State of Indiana provides many avenues to move up.

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