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Medical Scientist

Average Salary: $88,370

Education Training: Doctoral or Professional Degree

Major Industry: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Related Occupations: Chemist, Microbiologist; Pharmacist, Geneticist

2012 Employment: 1,556

2022 Projections: 1,876

Annual Growth: 20.57%

Annual Change: 65

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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Meet Rebecca
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Medical Degree and Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Biochemistry from Indiana University

What Lead You to Your Current Job: Although I am a trained and licensed physician, I chose to direct my effort exclusively to research.

Job Duties: Much of my time is spent in the laboratory designing and performing experiments. As my career progressed, more of my time has been spent directing the experiments and directing personnel who are performing the experiments. I also write research grants to financially support the studies. I also read the work of other investigators and design overall approaches to the studies carried out in the lab.

What I Like About My Job: What I like most about the job is the opportunity to work closely with other investigators who study similar diseases and to direct and educate students in the laboratory.