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Computer Programmer

Average Salary: $59,990

Education Training: Bachelor's Degree

Major Industry: Information Technology

Related Occupations: Computer Systems Analyst, Software Developer, Applications; Information Security Analyst, Network and Computer Systems Administrator

2012 Employment: 4,641

2022 Projections: 5,370

Annual Growth: 15.71%

Annual Change: 194

Information Technology

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Meet Ryan
Web Architect

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Indiana University

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I took a computer math course, which covered Visual Basic, and that sparked my interest in programming. Around the same time, the internet was becoming mainstream and that led me to creating and designing web pages.

Job Duties: We are agile at Interactive Intelligence Inc., so we participate in daily meetings where our project team discusses the day before, our progress, as well as the tasks we plan on working on for that day and any obstacles we may have.

What I Like About My Job: Computer programming is a fast growing industry, so the options are expanding all of the time. Before, a lot of the jobs were primarily software or web pages, but now there are a lot of hardware options, robotics, engineering and the fast growing mobile department.