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Cost Estimator

Average Salary: $58,140

Education Training: Bachelor's Degree

Major Industry: Architecture and Construction

Related Occupations: Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst; Purchasing Agent, Logistics Analyst

2012 Employment: 4,803

2022 Projections: 5,501

Annual Growth: 14.53%

Annual Change: 224

Architecture and Construction

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Meet David
Electrical Estimator

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Animation and Video Game Design from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I started off as an intern CAD operator in high school and slowly worked my way into estimating.

Job Duties: I work closely with our project managers to estimate the cost of new projects. Our team works to put together the most competetive bid for either a big or small project, and we always have to meet a strict deadline.

What I Like About My Job: What I like most is that when a job is completed I get to move onto the next one. It’s always something new.