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Average Salary: $38,310

Education Training: Certification

Major Industry: Manufacturing

Related Occupations: CNC Operator, Tool and Die Maker; Multiple Machine Operator

2012 Employment: 13,479

2022 Projections: 14,217

Annual Growth: 5.48%

Annual Change: 383


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Meet Austin
CNC Machinist

Education: Certification in Machine Tool Technology/ Design Technology from Ivy Tech Community College

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I always liked science and making things as well as taking apart complex machines and computers and figuring out how they worked and fixing them

Job Duties: My day starts with talking to the day shift supervisor to figure out where all the jobs are currently at and what needs to get done. Next I talk with all my team to assign tasks and get them going. I then do a 100% quality inspection. If everything checks well, I start production.

What I Like About My Job: CNC machining is constantly growing and I like that there are always new machines to learn. I hope to set up more robust training manuals to expedite learning for new employees and, as our shop grows, someday, I plan on managing a large section of the business.

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