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Industrial Production Manager

Average Salary: $79,830

Education Training: Bachelor's Degree

Major Industry: Manufacturing

Related Occupations: General and Operations Manager, First Line Supervisor; Transportation, Distribution and Storage Manager

2012 Employment: 7,375

2022 Projections: 7,838

Annual Growth: 6.28%

Annual Change: 180


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Meet William
Director, Off Highway and Hybrid Electric Drives Operations

Education: Indiana University and Indiana Wesleyan University

What Lead You to Your Current Job: Growing up, my dad often took me with him to work which is how I became interested in what business managers were able to achieve. As a result, I decided at an early age that business and management was the direction I wanted to go.

Job Duties: I begin each morning reviewing what was accomplished during the previous day and then I tour our facility to ensure we are meeting our schedules. As I move through our plant, I touch base with both hourly and salaried employees to discuss a wide variety of items such as safety concerns, manufacturing issues, and resolve problems to address concerns. Budgeting and internal accounting issues also occupy much of my time.

What I Like About My Job: Collectively working and watching a plan come together to meet our commitments.