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Truck Driver Supervisor

Average Salary: $51,300

Education Training: High School Diploma or Equivalent/On-the-Job Training

Major Industry: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Related Occupations: First Line Supervisor, Transportation, Distribution and Storage Manager

2012 Employment: 5,618

2022 Projections: 6,320

Annual Growth: 12.5%

Annual Change: 224

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

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Meet Adam
Truck Driver Supervisor

Education: Studied Sociology at Franklin College

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I was making a career change and was looking for a stable industry that would allow me use my supervisory skills as well as provide a daily challenge. After speaking with Celadon, I determined that a role as truck driver supervisor would allow me to transition the communication and conflict resolution skills I had developed in the public sector into the corporate area.

Job Duties: There truly is no typical day in operations since every day brings a new unique set of challenges. I make sure our drivers are picking up and delivering on time, while ensuring they are remaining in compliance with the Department of Transportation’s hours of service rules, and using all of their available hours. I also assist our drivers with any day to day issues such as payroll issues or truck maintenance problems.

What I Like About My Job: My favorite part of this position is getting to know our drivers and developing relationships. We have some great partners on the road and it is imperative to develop trust between the driver and their supervisor.