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Sales Representative, Wholesale and Manufacturing

Average Salary: $53,790

Education Training: High School Diploma or Equivalent/On-the-Job Training

Major Industry: Marketing, Sales and Services

Related Occupations: Sales Manager, Sales Engineer; Advertising Sales Agent, Insurance Sales Agent

2012 Employment: 30,637

2022 Projections: 33,891

Annual Growth: 10.62%

Annual Change: 922

Marketing, Sales and Services

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Meet Garnet
North American Sales Manager

Education: Studied Electronics Technology at Vincennes University and Ivy Tech Community College

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I had experience working in a technical position, which provided the expertise to instill confidence in the buyer, while maintaining clear and concise communication skills.

Job Duties: I establish and maintain relationships with clients. I help them solve their problems with our products. I have traveled to 257 different cities. Every day is a new adventure. Some weeks, I stay in the office to process paperwork and meet with management and engineers.

What I Like About My Job: I am able to visit a potential customer and educate them and provide possible solutions to their needs, ultimately fulfilling their requirements. I am best when in front of people.

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