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Nurse Practitioner

Average Salary: $87,510

Education Training: Master's Degree

Major Industry: Health Science

Related Occupations: Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse; Clinical Nurse Specialist, Advanced Practical Nurse

2012 Employment: 2,909

2022 Projections: 3,737

Annual Growth: 28.46%

Annual Change: 139

Health Science

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Meet Julie
Nurse Practitioner

Education: Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Nursing from Indiana University

What Lead You to Your Current Job: As a nurse I impacted one patient at a time. As a research scientist I can literally impact millions of people. I believe all of my previous experience have led me to my current position.

Job Duties: A typical day when I’m in a hospital setting includes going around to the patients in the morning to check their status, commonly called “rounding”. I then address any issues later in the morning, receiving patients as they come out of surgery in the early afternoon and then rounding again before leaving.

What I Like About My Job: I love my current work environment. Everywhere you go at Lilly you see people who are the best in their field and everyone is working together to find solutions to problems that affect millions of people. I bring in patients and families with diabetes to talk about their disease on a regular basis and it really keeps you grounded in why we are here and what we are all working for day in and day out. I really like being able to use my nurse practitioner experience to help marketing and others understand patient needs.