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Operating Engineer

Average Salary: $49,310

Education Training: Certification

Major Industry: Architecture and Construction

Related Occupations: Equipment Operator, Machine Operator; Crane and Tower Operator, Loading Machine Operator

2012 Employment: 8,280

2022 Projections: 9,444

Annual Growth: 14.06%

Annual Change: 300

Architecture and Construction

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Meet Steven
Plant Manager

Education: Associate Degree in Diesel Technology from Lincoln Tech; Apprenticeship training

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I was working as a contractor in the shop and saw an opportunity to make more money as a field worker. This field is very specialized and there are not many people that do what I do.

Job Duties: I run a mobile concrete plant utilizing a computer and scales. I have a loader and a laborer that I also monitor.

What I Like About My Job: You meet interesting people and the job is challenging.