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Management Analyst

Average Salary: $67,750

Education Training: Bachelor’s Degree

Major Industry: Business, Management and Administration

Related Occupations: Training and Development Specialist, General and Operations Manager; Logistician, Business Operations Specialist

2012 Employment: 7,181

2022 Projections: 8,039

Annual Growth: 11.95%

Annual Change: 197

Business, Management and Administration

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Meet Natalee
Business Analyst

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Information Technology from Purdue University; Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

What Lead You to Your Current Job: In my early jobs, I learned how to deal with my peers as well as members of management in the business environment. I developed a good leadership style that has served me well.

Job Duties: It is my job to discover information from the business to help document their true needs and outcomes of a project.

What I Like About My Job: I like helping the business uncover the root problems of what is causing the issue at hand. I enjoy analyzing the business's scope and needs.