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Truck Driver

Average Salary: $38,470

Education Training: Certification

Major Industry: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Related Occupations: Bus Driver, Transit and Intercity; Delivery Services Driver, Industrial Truck and Tractor Operator

2012 Employment: 45,004

2022 Projections: 49,651

Annual Growth: 10.33%

Annual Change: 1,185

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

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Meet Aaron
Professional Driver

Education: Commercial Drivers Liscense (CDL) training from Ivy Tech Community College

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I was impressed with the paychecks some drivers were bringing home so I went to school to prepare for my Class A CDL.

Job Duties: On a typical day, I unload in the morning, drive to a nearby location and reload. After sleeping, I drive all night to be ready to deliver the next morning.

What I Like About My Job: Living out of a truck can be quite fun, it is like being on vacation except you get paid to travel.

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