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Average Salary: $42,926

Education Training: Master's Degree

Major Industry: Human Services

Related Occupations: Child, Family and School Social Worker; Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker, Healthcare Social Worker

2012 Employment: 8,576

2022 Projections: 10,155

Annual Growth: 18.41%

Annual Change: 342

Human Services

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Meet Nico
Family Therapist

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Ball State University, Master's Degree in Social Work from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, studied for three years under a PhD/Licensed therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I never really made a decision to be a therapist as much as it just happened. I met a professor who convinced me to do an internship for his class. It was the first time I was exposed to therapy and I started to focus on becoming a therapist.

Job Duties: My days usually consist of appointments with clients and I meet with a peer once a week. Most of my appointments are family sessions. The day-to-day issues are very different. Issues range from behavior problems, mood disorders, depression and more.

What I Like About My Job: The most rewarding aspects of my job are seeing the improvements someone makes when they have completed therapy.