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Average Salary: $137,470

Education Training: Doctoral or Professional Degree

Major Industry: Health Science

Related Occupations: Dental Hygienist, Optometrist; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

2012 Employment: 1,672

2022 Projections: 2,247

Annual Growth: 34.39%

Annual Change: 99

Health Science

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Meet Charles
Pediatric Dentist

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Life science and Chemistry from Indiana State University; Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree and Master’s Degree in Science; Completed a pediatric dentistry residency at the Indiana University School of Dentistry

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I knew I wanted a profession where I could help people and I was very interested in science. I decided on dentistry after my sophomore year in college after much deliberation between medical school and dental school.

Job Duties: Even with an “easy” schedule, there are many surprises in my day. As a dentist, you have to be a diagnostician, artist, business manager, care taker, bearer of bad news and an empathetic practitioner.

What I Like About My Job: I love my job because of the people I help and the many different things I am presented with on a daily basis.