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Sales Director

Average Salary: $90,300

Education Training: Bachelor's Degree

Major Industry: Marketing, Sales and Services

Related Occupations: First Line Supervisor of Sales Workers, Retail and Non Retail; Marketing Manager, Advertising and Promotions Manager, Public Relations and Fundraising Manager

2012 Employment: 7,076

2022 Projections: 7,757

Annual Growth: 9.62%

Annual Change: 220

Marketing, Sales and Services

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Meet Jeff
VP of Sales

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business and Marketing from Hanover College

What Lead You to Your Current Job: My father founded the company. He was an outstanding sales professional and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Once I realized that I had the sales personality in middle school that is all I wanted to do.

Job Duties: As the VP of Sales, I do a lot of listening to vendors and customers needs to ensure that vendors conveying what the product does and that the costumers are satisfied. This involves a lot of market studies and problem solving as customer needs are always evolving.

What I Like About My Job: I like that no two days are alike as there are always new challenges to be met and new technology to understand and implement.