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Financial Manager/Chief Financial Officer

Average Salary: $94,390

Education Training: Bachelor's Degree/Master's Degree

Major Industry: Finance

Related Occupations: Accountant, Treasurer and Controller; Compensation and Benefits Manager

2012 Employment: 8,551

2022 Projections: 9,291

Annual Growth: 8.65%

Annual Change: 234


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Meet Brad
Chief Financial Officer

Education: Bachelor's Degree of Arts from Michigan State University

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I always felt me career path would lead me towards a job in accounting where I would manage people. Previously, I worked in several industries and, with the help of a recruiter, I found one that suited my personality.

Job Duties: I spend most of my time interacting with people. This is because my responsibilities go past the business office and cover food service, aftercare and summer camps, facilities as well as serving on the administrative team for the school.

What I Like About My Job: Working with budget managers and boards in order to manage the overall budget and financial health of the organization. Combined with being able to analyze data and make conclusions and projections is perhaps the best part of the job.