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Physical Therapist

Average Salary: $80,180

Education Training: Doctoral or Professional Degree

Major Industry: Health Science

Related Occupations: Occupational Therapist, Radiation Therapist; Recreational Therapist

2012 Employment: 4,222

2022 Projections: 5,294

Annual Growth: 25.39%

Annual Change: 211

Health Science

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Meet Nichole
Physical Therapist

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine from DePauw University, Master's Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis, Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis

What Lead You to Your Current Job: My interest began when I experienced a serious ankle injury in high school and was instructed to attend physical therapy. Before becoming a physical therapist, I worked as a certified athletic trainer and physical therapy technician.

Job Duties: My day is spent evaluating and treating patients. Each treatment is different. I must be able to accurately evaluate each patient and develop individualized treatment plans.

What I Like About My Job: I enjoy when patients achieve their goals, it is extremely rewarding.