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Average Salary: $53,300

Education Training: Certification

Major Industry: Architecture and Construction

Related Occupations: Pipelayer, Sheet Metal Worker; Pipefitters and Steamfitters, Heating and Air Conditional Mechanic and Installer

2012 Employment: 11,060

2022 Projections: 13,020

Annual Growth: 17.72%

Annual Change: 334

Architecture and Construction

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Meet Jack

Education: Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Philosophy from Indiana University

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I started working as a plumber in college and it was an easy transition after school. In high school, I worked at a hardware staore, which helped me get used to doing something physical with people watching.

Job Duties: Each morning, I line up my schedule for the day and then I head out to answer service calls. My job requires me to be hands on and get a little dirty every once in awhile

What I Like About My Job: I enjoy doing physical labor and using my brain. It is also rewarding to finish a big job.