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Mechanical Engineer

Average Salary: $71,720

Education Training: Bachelor's Degree

Major Industry: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Related Occupations: Materials Engineer, Industrial Engineer; Engineering Manager, Electronics Manager

2012 Employment: 9,781

2022 Projections: 10,433

Annual Growth: 6.67%

Annual Change: 399

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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Meet Paul
Mechanical Engineer

Education: Architectural Studies, Vincennes University

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I started out working as more of a design drafter for several years and after some time obtained an engineering position that utilized my knowledge of sheet metal, plastics, mechanics, machining and other skills. I have worked on all types of machinery and I believe that it is my mechanical aptitude that led me to Hurco to be working in the area that I am today.

Job Duties: First, I touch base with my manager to see if anything is pressing and addressing items he has assigned. Then it's off to the projects, which can consist of a wide variety of activities such as documentation, design, testing of specific areas/mechanics of a machine, machine setup, machine project management, correspondence with various HML/vendors/customers, et cetera.

What I Like About My Job: The portion of my job I like the most is diversity of projects that may be requested. For example, at one moment I may be sitting at my desk working on machine documentation and the next I may be out on the production floor monitoring cutting tests.

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