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Average Salary: $60,310

Education Training: Certification

Major Industry: Architecture and Construction

Related Occupations: Electrical and Electronics Repairer, Solar Photovoltaic Installer

2012 Employment: 14,452

2022 Projections: 16,684

Annual Growth: 15.44%

Annual Change: 495

Architecture and Construction

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Meet Erich

Education: Electrical School

What Lead You to Your Current Job: I always enjoyed taking things apart, figuring out how it worked and putting it back together. I found an opportunity with a friend who was an electrician and the job seemed like a good fit so he got me an interview.

Job Duties: My daily activities include climbing in attics and crawl spaces to run wires or install electrical outlets. My job duties vary everyday depending on service calls.

What I Like About My Job: I find it very satisfying to make people happy with the work I do. It feels good to make people happy.

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